The rise of blockchain technology has sparked renewed interest in the field of self-sovereign digital identity. Many of the world’s greatest minds have been searching for the perfect model to create a functional, trustable digital identity application, but as yet, no one has succeeded.

After observing the industry’s continued challenges in building a working product (and coming across many of these challenges ourselves), we ultimately decided that the complex concept of identity requires a more tailored protocol than existing technical infrastructures can offer. So we went back to the drawing board and tackled digital identity at the protocol level.

NZ Digital Identity Forum

In order to create a protocol that works for the people, we founded the New Zealand Digital Identity Forum.

The Forum’s purpose is to engage with New Zealanders, local businesses, and international standards bodies to develop a digital identity trust framework and blockchain infrastructure for New Zealand which is adopted and supported by industry and government from launch. Anyone will be able to build identity-related applications on this protocol, all of which will be interoperable, creating an open and competitive market to offer the best product to end users.

By securing buy-in from banks, telcos, and utilities, we expect this protocol to rapidly achieve near-total market penetration in New Zealand. We are already working with businesses in countries such as Fiji, South Korea, the UK, Germany, and Australia to roll out the protocol to other economies once we prove the concept in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Advantage

We have seen many digital identity projects adopt an excellent technical infrastructure, but fail to achieve sufficient penetration in their target markets. We’ve learned from these pioneers and have made market adoption a priority in developing our solution.

New Zealand is fortunate to have a unique position in enabling a digital identity infrastructure; we have a small but developed Western economy, a transparent and accessible government, a highly cooperative business environment, and a reputation as a test market for new technologies.

These factors have allowed us to make significant progress in securing industry collaboration, and will ultimately enable nationwide adoption of a single protocol for digital identity. This can then serve as a basis on which to develop platforms globally.

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